Understanding Electric Scooters: An Educational Guide

Understanding Electric Scooters: An Educational Guide

Have you ever rode an electric scooter before? They're fun and are a great way to help you your family become active. It doesn't matter if you're new to electric scooters or a seasoned commute veteran, you'll gain a lot of utility and fun experiences when using one.

Continue reading to enhance your knowledge on electric scooters. Doing so will help you become more of an informed buyer and learn the internal mechanics of electric scooters as well. If you are a first-time buyer, or someone who needs extra information, this guide was made just for you.

What Are Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters are known for giving an environmentally safe alternative in comparison to other types of transportation.

New Electric Scooter

For short distances, they are a great option since they don't require expensive gas to use unlike a car or an SUV. And, they cost the fraction of the cost of a traditional vehicle making it an economical choice.

Whether you're trying to save money or help your environment, electric scooters are definitely the way to go.

Brief History Of Electric Scooters

The first electric scooter dates back to 1894. It was named the Hildebrand Wolfmueller and was a twin cylinder engine that was cooled by water. About ten years later, we started to see the development of the modern electric schooler take place.

During the early 1900s, a company by the name of Ajax Motor Vehicle was the first to mass produce electric scooters to the public. Around that time period, electric scooters were mentioned and credited in the publications of Popular Mechanics.

Those early credits were known as the early formation of the electric scooter. The first part of the 1920s saw the Ransomes designing the first electric cycle. A French corporation by the name of Application Electro Mecaniques followed after the Ransomes' early ideas.

At the time, the Application Electro Mecaniques created the Electrolyte in 1927. However, it appeared to look like a tricycle instead of a regular scooter. This was because it had a single wheel in the back area and two located on the front.

When World War 2 began, we noticed a huge shortage in gas. This was because most of the gas was used as fuel to assist armies fighting against the Axis Powers at the time (Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.). As a result, people began to fix the problem by creating modes of electric transportation as a substitute.

Earle Williams was the lead mechanical designers to aid in making the electric scooter that we know today. He planned on turning the old traditional cycle which was powered by fuel, into a faster scooter that generated its energy through electricity.

Old Photograph Of Earle Williams

His electric scooter design was named the Par Car, and it was made by the Company called the Marketeer. Then, other countries in Europe created their own designs and personal variations by creating over 400 vehicles that were powered via battery. Each of these models was made by a European firm by the name of Socovel.

There have been several advances in electric scooter history between the 1960s and 1970s. During this era, a battery firm called Union Carbide made the alkali fuel cell that was used in the scooter's electric motor.

Also, at this time was the creation of the first legal street e-machines. This was the first time in history where people would see large amounts of electric scooters being used on the roads. Now, electric scooters are mass manufactured and is popular internationally.

Electric Scooter Usage

​The electric scooters are designed to move with comfort and ease making the rider enjoy the sense of independence and freedom that comes from mobility.


Today, it's perfectly normal to see a child operate an electric scooter or learn how to use it for the first time. We suggest that you teach your children electric scooters when they are within 6-14 years old. This ensures that they will understand the safety precautions of using the scooter and learn how to use it properly.

Buy a helmet and a pair of elbow pads to ensure that your child remains safe while using an electric. scooter. There are some occasions where riding one can be completely dangerous. Without a helmet, and you increase the risk of your child becoming exposed to injuries when they're out on the road.

If possible, buy your child an electric scooter whose speeds don't go past 15 mph. Remember, they are trying to learn how to use the scooter. Because of this, you'll want to get an electric scooter whose speed is slow enough to teach them while still fast enough to let them fully enjoy the thrill of riding a scooter.


For adults, the opportunities are unlimited as to what electric scooter you can have. For beginners, you'll want to have an electric scooter whose speeds go up to 30 mph. Once you become more adapted to the vehicle and how it works, opt for a scooter which runs at a speed of 45-50 mph.

Man Driving Electric Scooter


For Commuters, you need an electric scooter that's fast enough to drive through traffic, but also safe enough to stop in an instant. We suggest getting a motor scooter whose speeds run up to 25mph or higher. This ensures that your scooter is fast enough to run in traffic and have a speed ready to move out of harm's way if necessary.

When selecting your first electric scooter, you'll have to know what specs are suited to your personal preferences. For instance, a motor scooter with an emergency brake is essential for first-time buyers. Simply press the button which will be located on the handle and watch as your scooter is immediately stopped in seconds.

Electric Scooters Regulation

You'll want to get an electric scooter that fits within the laws and regulation of your region. This ensures that not only are you paying for the right scooter, but also makes sure that you're legally inclined to drive it in your current location.

Regulations May Vary From State To State

Understand that electric scooter laws will vary from state to state. There are certain regulatory laws that different states tend to share. Usually, each state will have their own unique law for using electric scooters within their jurisdiction. For instance, in California riding electric scooters on the roads are somewhat legal.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has made it clear that you don't need a license or registration to operate an electric scooter. But, you have to be at least 16 years old to be regarded as a driver. It's common for people to treat electric scooters like bikes because of both modes of transportation have the same speed range and similar weight.

Electric scooters haven't been on the market as long as other automotive vehicles such as cars. It's still a new form of technology that the law hasn't had the time to address exclusively. Electric scooter law is a poorly covered, especially in areas outside of California.

That's why there's a lot of common confusion regarding the laws that govern their ownership, acquisition, and use. Their newness in the market is to blame for this mix-up. However, we suggest that you ride safely and cautiously to avoid any police interference.

Illustration Of Driving Electric Scooter

While electric scooters are designed for outdoor use, there are some limitations that electric scooter owners and drivers must follow. For instance, as a motorized scooter driver, you must stay on the trails, paths, or bike lanes and maintain it properly.

You'll want to keep your scooter away from sidewalks for one obvious reason: They are motorized and can cause serious risks to pedestrians while they are on the walkways.

Benefits Of Electric Scooters

Most people have been skeptical about buying an electric scooter since the laws addressing the use of these innovations aren't fully clear in most areas.

That way of thinking is changing as time changes. This is because the regulations are starting to become clearer and clearer. Also, the regulations are becoming more relaxed over time. Therefore, you should buy an electric scooter because they are environmentally friendly and moves a lot quieter than their gas powered counterparts.


One of the largest benefits of electric scooters is that they are very cost-effective to use. When it comes to expenses, it costs less than $.1 per distance to use an electric motorcycle or bicycle. Take that in comparison to gas powered automobiles that run on $.15 per distance or higher depending on the gas rates in your region.

Think about it, the cost of using an electric scooter is lower than traditional scooters. Plus, you don't have to spend extra money on expenses such as parking lot bills and bridge tolls. Electric scooters have a low maintenance cost and registration, license costs, and insurance costs aren't even required for them.

Eco Friendly

Unlike gas powered scooters, who burn down fuels for energy, electric scooters a 100% environmentally friendly. Its power is generated through electricity which means that it doesn't emit gas into the air like other vehicles. Because of this, electric scooters are great and fit or purposes such as indoor usage.

Electric scooters are perfect for those who are conscious about their environment. Most gas powered models run on fuels such as diesel, petrol, or fuel. But, electric scooters don't release dangerous carbon monoxide or burn fossil fuels.

Logo Eco Friendly

Also with reducing pollution and smoke, lowering your carbon monoxide emissions also improves the air quality. This limits the chances of greenhouse gas effect and global warming. So, electric scooters are definitely eco-friendly.


Electric scooters can be charged through in the comfort of your home. Compare that to gas-powered scooters where you have to drive them to the gas station and manually refill them with oil. This can cost you a lot of money in the long run.


A common question that consumers tend to ask is, "Are Electric Scooters Safe?"

And the correct answer is "Of course!"

Electric scooters are thoroughly tested by their manufacturers before they are sold to the public. As with any motorized vehicle, you want to make safety your main priority. Here's a list of a few safety tips to follow when you're out on your electric scooter.

Use A Helmet

As uncool as helmets appear, they are just as important as the electric scooter itself. It's scientifically proven on bikes, scooters, and motorcycles that using a helmet will save your life.

Beyond helmets, other forms of personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, wrist guards, heavy jackets, gloves, and boots will keep users from getting hurt in the event that you fall down from your scooter.

Understand Local Laws

You'll also want to make sure that you and your scooter comply with the state's rules. Since electric scooter regulations vary from each different state, make sure that you'll obtain the right information.

Illustration Of Electric Scooter Law

For example, in Colorado you can use electric scooters that have a max speed of 30 MPH in bike lanes. Some places, such as Oregon, don't require you to have a special license to drive a scooter. We suggest that you check with your local DMV to make sure you're eligible to use your scooter before hitting the road.

Specs Of Electric Scooters

There are several specifications you should take a look on before buying yourself a brand new electric scooter.


The frame and fork are the main part of your scooter's construction. Electric scooters with frames and forks made of plastic or thin steel sheets are known to warp, bend, or even break during everyday usage.

That's why we suggest you buy an electric scooter with a more sturdier construction. Scooters that have forks and frames made out of thick plated steel or tubular steel are more robust. They have continually proven to have most reliable, toughest, and the most sturdy form of electric scooter construction.


Your electric scooter's power comes from batteries. The batteries are self-explanatory and work similar to many others. Place the battery charger in a scooter before plugging it into a wall outlet. To make sure that you get the most life out of your scooter's battery, you should recharge it after each ride.

If you leave the battery partially charged for a certain amount of time, it will lower your battery's lifespan. So, remember to keep it charged at 100%!

If you don't plan on using your scooter for a long time period, just charge it once in a while; even if it isn't being used, the battery life will drain even if you're not riding the scooter.

Braking System

When it comes to electric scooters, people tend to overlook the brakes. You have to remember that the weight of the rider plus the scooter itself, combined with the battery's weight is under a heavy load. To stop all of this excessive weight, a high-quality braking system is necessary.

Rear Wheel Electric Scooter Brakes

Every electric scooter comes with front or rear brakes. Sometimes, they have disc brakes that have a good braking performance. A scooter with only one brake isn't as good as an electric scooter with two brakes. Thus, a dual braking system is required as it allows you to stop the scooter almost instantly.


The appearance and feel of your electric scooter is essential. Check the estimations first before buying and look for the following things:

  • The age of the scooter
  • It's weight capacity
  • Does the scooter require a two-fold phase?
  • How much does your child weigh?

These are the questions and issues you need to weigh in and consider when shopping for your first electric scooter. Asking these types of questions will ensure that the next electric scooter you buy is one of high-quality.


Electric scooters are cheap and affordable as they do not consume gasoline or any petroleum-based fuels, so are environment friendly. Here are some of the leading manufacturers of the electric scooters:


Razor is the top brand in the market because of their longstanding history with developing innovative scooter products. It's an American manufacturer and designer of electric transports and other personal transporters. Get a scooter from this company if you want the best functional electric scooter that money can buy.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter On Grass

Glion Dolly

You should look into Glion Dolly if you want another reputable electric scooter brand. Unlike the Razor brand whose products are for both children and adults, Glion Dolly designed their scooter strictly for adults.

Glion Dolly's scooters are foldable and can reach speeds up to 15 MPH. We suggest getting a scooter from Glion Dolly if you want a modernized electric scooter that you can take with you. For commuters, this is the right manufacturer for you.

Electric Scooter Maintenance

Just because you've bought your electric scooter, doesn't mean you're done just yet. Electric scooters can be expensive, and undergoing proper maintenance saves you money on annual repairs. It's recommended that you take care of your electric scooter to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Read more to learn how to preserve the value of your electric scooters properly.

Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance

Maintaining your scooter's battery is one of the most important things you can do. Here is a list of some tips that you should read so you can take better care of them:

Your electric scooter batteries can last for up to 2-3 years or longer if they are properly maintained.

To get the most life out of your electric scooter, make sure your recharge them each time you're finished riding it. After short trips, you can recharge the batteries immediately. But with longer rides, it's best to wait at least 30 minutes to let your batteries fully cool down before recharging them.

Don't leave your batteries partially charged. Doing so causes the batteries to reach internal oxidation and lowers the overall lifespan of the battery pack.

Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance

When you have to replace electric scooter's batteries, make sure to replace all of the batteries at the same time and ensure that they are organized by brand. If there are different brands of batteries that are mixed together, it will lose its overall charge due to internal oxidation.

Once in storage, you need to recharge your electric batteries every 30 days. If they aren't recharged every three months, the batteries will tend to deteriorate and have a lower mileage range than if it was maintained correctly.

Don't throw your old scooter batteries in the trash. Send your old scooter batteries at your local recycling center that accepts old automotive parts. Alternatively, you can find an auto store that accepts your old batteries for correct disposal. Once your recycle your old scooter battery, it will be made into completely new batteries again.

Electric Scooters Repair

Besides your battery, you need to know how to fully repair your electric scooter in the event that an emergency happens.

First, start by inspecting the motor. See if there are any disconnected wire connectors or wires. You'll want to gently tighten every wire and wire connector that are connected to the motor.

Did you find something that looks melted or burnt? Chances are your electric scooter is overheating. When overheated, the electric motor could have caused the insulation of the vehicle to melt the electromagnetic wires.

Or perhaps your electric scooter isn't running at all? You'll want to smell the speed controller, electric motor, and the other electrical compartments. Is there something that smells like burnt rubber or plastic? That means your coils are overheated, and there could be damage towards the speed controller.

Repairing Electric Scooter

If your plastic insulation is melting the magnetic winding, then it will short circuit and destroy the electric scooter's motor. We suggest that you replace the faulty motor immediately. Following this step ensures that your electric scooter will remain in good condition past its advertised expiration date.

Final Thoughts

Everyone should have an electric scooter in their home. They're cheaper, more portable automotive vehicles than cars. And think of the money you're saving when using an electric scooter. On average, users tend to save at least $3000 a year using an electric scooter instead of wasting it on gas.

But despite all of its benefits, there are a few things that you'll need to know. For instance, you're going to need some extra help in finding the best electric scooters that are in today's market. Ultimately, we invite you to look into our buying guide so that you can have a high-quality, fully functional electric scooter for you and the family to enjoy.

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